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Trial Promotion

METEOR 8Bit caricature poster for SNS or Talk Apps is being presented to 1000 people of first arrival for FREE of charge for a trial period. But, you change the profile picture of SNS or Talk Apps to my 8 Bit for at least 24 hours.

When I'd like to know about more promotions, can I have a message casually?

LEFT 775

225 persons / 1,000 persons

caricatures tile
Poster Smaple for KAKAO
Poster Smaple for KAKAO
Poster Smaple for KAKAO
Profpic Smaple for KAKAO
Profpic Smaple for KAKAO
Profpic Smaple for INSTAGRAM

I can make poster for KAKAO profie picture. Viewer can see poster and credit if viewer tap your icon. (Only KAKAO TALK)

I can make 8 Bit Pixel Art caricature for you!! You can use any SNS or Talk Apps profile picture for only $5!.


Please feel free to add to your friend! KAKAO ID: dyumbo


I wanna order 8BIT caricature, but how to order it?

You can order by 8BIT ORDER FORM. Please attach your photos.

I don't want use my face 8BIT caricature... Can you make other kind?

Yes sure, We can make everything if you want. Example Crocodile, Alligator, One eyes monster, Sushi, Ninja, Kimbap, etc...

Can you make other language for 8BIT poster title?

Yes sure, We can make any language on 8BIT poster title. Not only your name. You can choice any word. Example "Too Fast too live too young to die".

Why I can not order from METEOR order form?

Please try again by other browser (Google Chrome or Safari). Suddenly sometimes shutdown if you use KAKAO or other Apps viewer. Press the link URL then COPY to other browser PASTE.



METEOR producing the cutie icon which made a picture of the TV game which came into boom in 1980 's reproduce. That's called pixel art or 8 bit art in now. METEOR don’t use gradation like a old game.

Also METEOR making various advertising designed. The flyer of a musical event, poster, WebSite, Logo, Banner, CD cover art, Sticker, Character and a Package. Production of landing page like this site can also be produced cheaply.

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